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I graduated from fashion design from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I wrote an exhaustingly long diploma about costumes in performance art and was honored with a national Student Preseren Award. In that period I was very into art performances. Mine included music/sound, dance/movement, space, light and costumes made of materials like silicon, latex, human hair, raw wool and cotton, food etc.. I was organizing art events that would bring together artist from different fields of work, fashion shows and was a selector for fashion at annual Multicultural week.

Following my interest in architecture and interior I got my master’s degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana with emphasis on responsive materials and structures; on connections between real and so called virtual spaces.

During my study I was receiving a Zois fellowship for talented students and a fellowship of Slovene ministry of culture.

In 2012 I was honoured with Vesna for best costume design for a film Good to go/Srecen za umret directed by Matevz Luzar.Vesna is the highest Slovene movie award, presented annualy at Slovene movie festival.

I started working right at the beginning of my study;  I started with two TV shows that ran for a few years, in both of them I was a fashion stylist creating new looks for people; one of them was a BBC’s licensed Style Challenge.

Later on I got into designing for theater, TV series and film.

For quite a some time  I was also designing men and women collection which was selling in a chain of Slovenia’s biggest fashion retailer with shops in Slovenia, Croatia, Belgrade and Sarajevo. My job was choosing fabrics at textile fairs, mostly in Paris, preparing sketches and sample collections in cooperation with production companies – factories from Europe and Asia. I would be presenting sample collections to shop managers, overlooking the design of delivered goods, working with main merchandiser and would be actively seeking for new production companies.

In the same period I held seminars about fashion trends for the upcoming seasons for shop managers.

I love the nature of my work as a costume designer, being on sets that are always carefully chosen or created, meeting new talented people from all over the world, hanging out with the crew that became my good friends over the years and also like the occasional adrenalin rushes when there’s a shortage of time.

I like working on any design that can tell a story, whether through its colors, wear-out of the clothes and props, expressive look of the poor or lush period costumes…

I speak Slovene, English, German, Croatian, some French and Italian.

The stock of clothes that I gathered through the years proved as an essential help for my work. I keep a costume fundus and a place for meetings and fittings in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We also provide costume assistants and wardrobe staff.

I love renovating old houses and strongly believe that all the time and work invested in restoring is worth it. Old houses have true souls! But that’s a completely new chapter… for an other web page… :-)

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