Milla Jovovich for Milla dairy Commercial MAKING OF

Director: Marko Djilas
D.O.P.: Damjan Radovanovic
Costume Design: Pia S. Premzl,


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Just had an unforgettable week in Azerbaijan… full of memories of good times with the crew! Here are some pics… all good photos by Domagoj Kunic, the rest by me.

movie award for best costume design

I was honored with Vesna for best costume design yesterday for a film Good to go/Srecen za umret directed by Matevz Luzar. Happy happy :)

Our film got 5 Vesnas all together and was chosen for the best movie by public.

Vesna is the highest Slovene movie award, presented annualy at Slovene movie festival at Portorose/Portoroz.

Film will take its journey to international festivals and cinemas in spring 2013.


POP non stop, dir.: Ven Jemersic; parody on Basic Instinct, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Sainfeld, The Queen video, NCIAS, Madagascar,

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